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przewodniki TRAMPa przewodniki TRAMPa
przewodniki TRAMPa przewodniki TRAMPa
TRAMP - your partner in Poland
PCIT TRAMP is an editor of a tourist guide series, a unique publication on Polish market. Our tourist guides focus on the most attractive regions of Scandinavia. The offer of TRAMP is addressed particularly to actively touring groups of tourists fascinated with Northern region environment values. Our Company was established in 1997 in Poznań. Since 2000 we have been operating in Szczecin. The owner of PCIT TRAMP is Mr. Marcin Jakubowski, also the editor of Scandinavian guide series and editor-in-chief of "Bałtyckie Podróże" ("The Baltic Travel") and "Zew Polnocy" ("The Call of The North") Scandinavia - magazines.

Our guide books are arranged so as to provide a practical guiding information with lots of details on natural environment, history, culture, social-economic problems and major tourist attractions within the areas described. The books are supplemented with maps and numerous colorful photos. Among the authors cooperating with PCIT TRAMP there are experienced travelers, journalists and experts in various related fields, supporting our editor's team with their knowledge and expertise. Thanks to a wide group of our Scandinavian and Polish friends, contacts and links, we are able to reach and arrive at exceptionally interesting information, often slightly known to anyone else.

Our publication projects are prepared in cooperation with tourist organizations in Scandinavia. So far we have been conferred references by VisitDenmark, Position Sk├ąne (former Sk├ąnes Turistr├ąd), ├ůlands Turist F├Ârbund, Destination Bornholm, Visit Oslo (former Oslo Promotion), Faroe Islands Tourist Board, Fjord Norge A/S and Euroregion Pomerania. We have co-operated also with Visit Bergen and Visit Troms├Ş.

Among the advertising Partners of PCIT TRAMP there are the following companies and institutions: VisitDenmark, Postion Sk├ąne (Sk├ąnes Turistr├ąd), Malm├ Turism, Bornholms Erhvervsr├ąd, ├ůlands Turist F├Ârbund, Carrefour Syd Sverige, Fjord Norge A/S, Turisme Region Syd (Zealand, Falster, Lolland, M├Şn), Torshavnar Kommuna, Scandlines, Stena Line, Tallink / Silja Line, Viking Line, Fjord Line, Color Line, BornholmsTrafikken, Nordic Ferry Services, Ecker├ Linjen, Unity Line, DFDS Seaways, DFDS Canal Tours, Smyril Line, Christians├Şfarten, Nordic Jet Line, Petpolonia, Novasol, FJORD1, PM Scandinavia AB, Bornholms Amts Trafikselskab, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Maersk Air, Atlantic Airways, Polish Airlines LOT, Nordea, ├śresundkonsortiet, Adecco, Postverk F├Şroya, Flogfelag F├Şroya, F├Şroyar Kunningarstovan, Green Gate Incoming, Prominent Hotels, Helsing├Şr Turistbureau, Lund Tourist Information, Aver├Şy Fiskeferier, Laerdal Ferie og Fritidspark, Arctic Sea Cruises, Hvalsafari A/S, Joboland, BornholmTours, Bornholms Middelaldercenter, Familie Ferie Bornholm, Scan-East Consulting Agency, Super Brugsen Aakirkeby, Vestmannabj├Şrgini Sp/f, Skuvadal Sp/f, Tor Shipping, Suduroyar Ullvirki L/F, Kristensen Group, City of Slupsk and other. TRAMP's main Partner is Polferries - the biggest Polish ferry company.

Beside the guide-series, PCIT TRAMP is the publisher of ÔÇťBa┼étyckie Podr├│┼╝eÔÇŁ (ÔÇťThe Baltic TravelÔÇŁ) free travel magazine, prepared in co-operation with the biggest Polish ferry operator ÔÇô Polferries. The magazine was published between 2004 and 2009 5 times a year and was available on boards ferry ships of Polferries, in ferry terminals in ┼Üwinouj┼Ťcie and Gda┼äsk, offices of Polferries and c.a. 200 travel agencies in entire Poland (circulation - 15000 copies).

In Spring 2009 "Baltyckie Podroze" was replaced by new Scandinavia / Vestnorden magazine "Zew Północy" ("The Call Of The North"), sold in press distribution in entire Poland. "Zew Polnocy" is the first magazine in such kind in Polish press-market, and it is focused on tourism, nature, culture, economy and Polish-Scandinavian co-operation. The magazine is printed every 2 months in circulation 6000-8000 copies depends of the period the year.

PCIT TRAMP has also special proposals for the tourist companies and agencies from Scandinavia and Baltic countries. Our offer includes:

- preparation and maintenance of websites www in Polish language, in Polish domain pl.
- public relations services
- preparation and printing of brochures
- professional translations into Polish language.


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